SSI Pacific signs five-year partnership deal with Spark New Zealand

SSI Pacific signs five-year partnership deal with Spark New Zealand

After twelve years of partnership, world-leading digital security firm SSI Pacific has signed on for another five years with New Zealand telecommunications and digital services company, Spark.

The contract, commencing in July 2020, will see SSI Pacific continue to provide compliance and security solutions to Spark in the form of hardware, software and support services.

In a time of industry instability, it’s a deal that has strengthened both parties. Spark has secured itself the supply of mission-critical services at a guaranteed price; whilst SSI has ensured long-term revenue for its business.

Mr Ray Norton, Spark Compliance Manager, said that timely, cost-effective solutions and a standout track record prompted the contract renewal.

“As we move forward during this time of economic uncertainty, we are very focused on delivering the best products and services for our customers, while controlling our business costs, which is why we have extended our contract with SSI Pacific,” said Mr Norton.

“Their customer support and ongoing presence have been a critical part of meeting our compliance and technical requirements for years,” he continued. “It was only logical to embed the team further in the business roadmap to success.”

Samuel Py, CEO for SSI made the following statement: “After 12 years of partnership and delivering added value services to Spark, this represents the logical next step in our working relationship. The reciprocity of benefits and their significance was too obvious to ignore. This truly is a win-win scenario, and represents exactly what SSI stands for and aim at delivering to, and on behalf of its customer.”

For now, SSI Pacific and Spark are looking forward to continuing a long and mutually beneficial relationship, ensuring New Zealand’s telecommunications industry remains safe and secure.