Asio Report to Parliament 2012-13

Attorney-General, Senator George Brandis has welcomed today’s tabling of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Report to Parliament for 2012-13.

“This year is the 30th anniversary of ASIO’s first unclassified Report to Parliament in 1982-1983 and provides significant insight into ASIO’s vital mission to protect Australia, its people and interests from threats both here and abroad,” Senator Brandis said.

“The report demonstrates clearly why Australia continues to need an organisation dedicated to countering individuals and groups who threaten our security.

“Terrorism, espionage and foreign interference, including through cyber means, represent serious and sustained threats to Australia’s national security. ASIO continues to makes many achievements in addressing these threats as part of its ongoing mission to protect Australian lives and interests.”

In the reporting period ASIO:

– worked with partners to continue identifying, investigating and disrupting Australians seeking to engage in serious extremist activity, including the significant numbers of Australians actively involved with extremist groups in Syria

– identified an increase in the scale and sophistication of espionage and foreign interference against Australia, including by cyber means.

– continued to strengthen its capabilities, in terms of its people and technology, to ensure it can meet the challenges of today and tomorrow

– actively contributed to extensive oversight and accountability programs.

The unclassified ASIO Report to Parliament 2012-13 can be accessed at