Promoting the Active Defence Grid

Signature-based defence is no longer a sufficient standard for cyber security.

Recent breaches at Target, Michael’s and Yahoo point to an alarming increase in the frequency, complexity and intensity of attacks on our networks. According to Chris Fedde, President of Hexis Cyber Solutions, it’s not just the organizations that are victimized; the customers, the supply chain, partners and general public that interact with these organizations are also at risk. Stolen credit cards, email addresses and passwords will inevitably lead to a sharp uptick in identity theft. These events make it clear advanced cyber threats that slip pass the security perimeters of industry and government can also slip past traditional security measures. We ask you to join us in taking action against these adversaries.

SSI and its partner Hexis Cyber Solutions’ HawkEye G provide the ability for our customers to not only discover these threats after they have penetrated their network but eliminate them before they can do damage.

In the spirit of combating adversaries, SSI is making a special offer to its Australian and New Zealand based Customers who purchase a HawkEye G system before June 1, 2014, a 50% discount off the list price for that HawkEye G system.

This means you can start to protect your customer networks now…before it’s too late.

More information on HawkEye G Here, and contact us for further details.