SSI Pacific on behalf of its partners is pleased to announce that PTA R2.5 has been released


The newly released version of P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) software adds more automation and unrivalled efficiencies to our Telecom Network Security Scanner, allowing operators to better assess and analyse security of their core network and signaling perimeters.

New in PTA Release 2.5:

•             New LTE eUTRAN auditing features
•             New LTE EPC auditing features
•             New support for CDMA / CDMA2000
•             Improved Huawei binary MML support
•             Improved Backhauling auditing features

and also many other enhancements and performance fixes, including:

•             New vulnerabilities detected (added 162 vulnerabilities to VKB since PTA R2.4 release)
•             Improved protocols fuzzing support (PTF)
•             New fuzzing methods (PTF)
•             New Denial-of-Service Scenarios (PTF)
•             Other fixes and corrected issues

The latest version of P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) is already available to PTA SaaS Portal customers (also available as a Virtual Appliance for customers with in-house installations):


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