Electronic Warrant/Case Management System

Support organisations handling LEA request in a controlled and auditable fashion

The main purpose of the Electronic Warrant Management system is to support in an efficient way the business and operation needs of the organization by providing:

  • Management of cases based on internal rules of the company
  • Handling of documents accompanying cases
  • Workflow and approval mechanism which can be modified per request
  • Interconnection of the system with other business systems of the organization
  • Security levels and user roles

A case is a logical entity which corresponds to one or more requests for information coming from an external source.

The authorised users interact with any external system required and attach the results to the case folder.

The system can transparently integrate with the Data Retention Systems and trigger report generation as required by the defined investigation flows. The system can also orchestrate the definition and execution of other data investigations and assign tasks to users and/or groups.