The right choice every time

History shows that organisations are too quick when it comes to technology choices.

Often a decision is made that a “revenue assurance”, “web application firewall”, “centralised / identity management”, “Database monitoring”  or other system is required. The next step usually is to find a vendor and buy a “matching” solution; and we frequently hear : “We’d like to have LTE security, or network monitoring running by the end of the year – could you support us?”.

Simultaneously, many customers aren’t aware of the up and coming leading edge technologies that can actually contribute to build the most suited solutions with the best ROI. They tend to go with mainstream vendors as a safety mechanism. This more often than not, leads to inadequate implementations, issue non-resolutions, objective dilution and more critically, cost blow out.

The erroneous belief that technology solves problems drives far too many organisations into making the wrong choices. Technology is, when understood and used effectively with the proper framework, the supporting enabler in the achievements of wider strategic goal.

At SSI we:

  • Understand the key to triggering such technological enablements
  • Address the real drivers (challenges, issues, threats)
  • Achieve successful project outcomes with associated benefits

We execute the above by virtue of an in-depth understanding of world leading technologies in order to provide maximum benefits to our clients organisations.

Best of breed, are not necessarily best of brand, let SSI clear the path for you.