Governments, defence and LEA

Today, the greatest challenges which law enforcement agencies and defence departments have to face worldwide are twofold: accessing, analysing legally strategically collected data and protecting their own mission critical communication infrastructure

>>> Strategic Data Collection & Analysis

Data collection (i.e. on the telecommunication network) is not really the core issue and SSI solutions allow LEA to seamlessly obtain and access authentic data, the key being to give the LEA the power of putting it into context and transform it into actionable intelligence. Our suite is a comprehensive and flexible intelligence analysis solution that dissects huge amounts of data and finds hidden clues in snippets of information and creates new intelligence by using sophisticated intelligence applications and extensive automation to process mass data. It provides intelligence which results from the collection, processing, integration, analysis, evaluation and correlation of available data, thereby supporting the entire intelligence cycle. Its outstanding features enable them to react on a level totally unmatched in today’s and tomorrow’s world of pre-emptive security.

>>> Protecting mission critical communication & improving Public safety

Traditionally, military wireless communications networks have been proprietary, utilising line-of-sight and/or satellite radio communications with an eye on providing the most advanced and secure service possible. However, the pace of commercial innovation and wide-scale adoption of cellular across the globe is delivering advanced mobile data capabilities and massive economies of scale. What’s more, during recent war operations the gap between allied proprietary radio communications and enemy commercial cellular networks became apparent: military wireless networks were lacking agility and reliability in comparison to the commercial wireless devices the enemy had at its disposal. On the other hand, and with the goal of improving public safety, most governments are upgrading the wireless networks used by Police, Fire and EMS first-responder agencies. They are creating a nationwide network based on LTE solutions that leverage the latest technologies and the 700MHz spectrum (D Block) set aside for public safety — and they need compact LTE solutions. These dedicated networks ensure that first-responders can communicate with each other without relying on public networks that are susceptible to down infrastructure or jammed circuits caused by callers seeking information about friends or relatives. SSI and its partner have readily available solutions to address these issues.