Born of the intelligence and legal interception sector

Since its inception, SSI has maintained a reputation of delivering positive-impact, value added and performance driven services to customers.

Our success is reflective of our core values and our commitment to meeting industries’ needs today and tomorrow. We are a unique service partner whose achievement is not measured by our size, revenue or types of service provided; rather by the long term relationships maintained with the customers we serve and delivery of realistic and flexible industry and site specific solutions while always remaining pro-active and responsive in the support of our service.

Born of the Intelligence and Legal interception sector, SSI has spent most of its initial business life enabling Carriers compliance for Law enforcement purposes.

The next step was a natural one; having spent so many years helping governments legally access networks, the SSI team has developed an intrinsic knowledge of carriers infrastructure and associated transport layers. This made it a prime candidate to lead the way in monitoring, protecting and encrypting those same networks.  Leveraging off the same processes and methodologies that have led it to such sustained growth, SSI has now perfected the engineering and deployment of solutions dedicated to Revenue protection, Fraud prevention, and LTE security/encryption among others.

Our growing reputation has led to on-going demand from the Enterprise world; consequently, SSI has spent the last year extracting the smarts of its Intelligence products, the robustness of its carrier grade Solutions and the essence of its engineering processes to meet the demand and adapt the mode in order to fulfil the sector needs in infrastructure Monitoring, Mission Critical Online applications Monitoring, user behaviour analysis and network management.

SSI remains a customer committed, solution oriented, service provider delivering cost and operationally effective monitoring, security and customer service programs.