Data & Log Retention and Analytics

Retention of subscriber data and communications related data has become a legal requirement for telecom operators and service providers.

Communications providers generate hundreds of millions of event records daily. Every phone call placed, connected, disconnected, etc. creates potentially critical event log data. Because of this, regulatory such as Laws and regulations like the EU Directive 2006/24/EC and business drivers now require telecommunications providers to capture and retain years of this data.

SSI helps communications organizations around the world to quickly implement CDR log analytics and retention solutions that uniquely deliver actionable results from massive amounts of log and event data

While much of the data required is being recorded by providers already for billing and marketing purposes, these new regulations put some cumbersome and potentially costly obligations on CSPs in regards to data security, delivery of data, and completeness of information.

>>> The SSI Approach

To effectively manage these requirements, an entirely new approach is required. SSI combines enterprise-class software with regulatory and security proficiency, to provide organizations the most efficient and cost-effective means of collecting, analysing and storing massive amounts of event data regardless of the type or number of data sources to be monitored. This translates to more accurate and efficient security monitoring, investigations, digital forensics and field-proven regulatory compliance. SSI offers the following benefits:

> Captures all CDR and log records from relevant sources
> Stores years of data online with immediate access to all data
> Provides full data analysis capability – easy to extract the exact records of interest
Offers exceptional data loading and querying performance

SSI dramatically reduces the cost of deployment and ongoing management associated with security monitoring, investigation and compliance. SSI’s patent-pending technology yields a robust, high-speed, extensible CDR retention and analysis solution.