Telecommunication security

Today’s organisations within the realm of the telecommunication industry (and the executives who run them) have to operate in a new, more accountable business environment.

Regulators and government bodies are no longer simply imposing financial penalties on companies. As such company executives, are often intimidated and confused by their compliance burden especially in the legal interception and security space.

Lawful Interception

Lawful interception it is uncharted territory. The good news is that SSI not only understands the need to meet the mounting compliance mandates, it has resources and expertise available to support and guide through the appropriate deployment. Under the Telecommunications Acts, CSP’s are obligated to assist law enforcement agencies in their investigation into alleged crime and misconduct or any other unlawful activity. The SSI team has years of experience in the field of legal interception and compliance with international standards and have provided advice on LI strategies and procedures, LI solution design and implementation to dozens of Tier 1 and 2 Carriers worldwide as well as switch vendor and service providers. SSI believes that the costs of legal interception capability and associated disruptions can be lessened by providing for the capability at the network design stage; and that such reduction of costs and disruptions could lead to more efficient provision and development of telecommunications infrastructure. We therefore work with carriers from the early stages of the planning and development process in order to minimise the cost of a non-profit generating activity such as legal interception.


The SSI security practice is dedicated to the Telecom sector. SSI staff has a longstanding history of dealing in this particular field and understand the challenges and demands of the security aspects for a Telecom operator. Our security services and solutions are driven by our customer’s needs. Whether the goal is revenue generation, compliance or security posture, SSI has the expertise to combine the different aspects of Telecom industry requirements into value based solutions offerings, bringing increase in ARPU, reduction in CAPEX/OPEX spend and overall long-term security strategy to our customer base.