Promoting the Active Defence Grid

Signature-based defence is no longer a sufficient standard for cyber security. Recent breaches at Target, Michael’s and Yahoo point to an alarming increase in the frequency, complexity and intensity of attacks on our networks. According to Chris Fedde, President of Hexis Cyber Solutions, it’s not just the organizations that are... Read more

Holes in Victoria Government Cyber Security

  Following the announcement by IT Minister, 2 weeks ago, of the cyber-security strategy for the Victorian government to be directed by Alastair McGibbon, a report showed last week that the Victorian Government’s IT systems are totally unprepared for cyber-attacks;  the state doesn’t have the procedures in place to identify... Read more

Facebook, Google, Microsoft won’t be exempt from proposed NZ ‘PRISM’ law

  Network operators face new obligations The New Zealand government has softened its contentious network surveillance bill by removing a ban on operators selling overseas services in the country if they are deemed in breach of national security requirements. Communications and information technology minister Amy Adams yesterday tabled a supplementary... Read more

The NSA Can’t Replace 90% of Its System Administrators

In the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s revelations about NSA’s domestic surveillance activities, the NSA has recently announced that they plan to get rid of 90% of their system administrators via software automation in order to “improve security.” So far, I’ve mostly seen this piece of news reported and commented on straightforwardly. But... Read more

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