FBI puts bounty on last alleged ‘Ghost Click’ conspirator


Five targets named in global cybercrime hunt.

The FBI is offering a bounty of up to US$100,000 (A$105,351) for information that leads to the arrest of the last man wanted over the DNSChanger ad scam, which impacted an estimated 10,000 Australians.

The bureau today put bounties on the heads of five alleged botnet masters, telco fraudsters and hackers, including Andrey Nabilevich Taame.

Taame is alleged to be one of seven operators of the notorious Ghost Click bot that infected four million victims across 100 countries between 2007 and 2011, including 10,000 Australian computer users.

The malware altered the target’s Domain Name System settings to redirect traffic to selected websites in order to run up large online advertising revenue.

Others on the FBI’s most wanted list include Farhan Arshad and Noor Aziz Uddin, both wanted over an alleged international telecommunications fraud scheme said to have racked up some $US50 million.

Also wanted are:

• Carlos Perez-Melara, who is alleged to have tapped private conversations of hundreds of victims a decade ago by sending spyware to targets disguised as a greeting card. He then received intercepted email communications from the targets; and

• Alexsey Belan over his alleged involvement in a trio of data breaches from 2012 to 2013 in which he is accused of stealing staff credentials to exfiltrate corporate data for financial gain.

The FBI said it would “ferret out” the five targets using its international network of allied law enforcement agencies, but it also posted large bounties to help the search.

“The FBI will not stand by and watch our cyber adversaries attack our networks; we will track down and arrest individuals who have made it their mission to spy on and steal from our nation and citizens,” cybercrime branch assistant director Richard McFeely said in a statement.


Source:  SC Magazine, Australia