Energy, Environment & Security Industries Opportunities

E2DS’11 is geared to securing greater engagement by the aerospace, defence and security industry in clean energy and environmental markets. Full engagement in these areas by the sector, with its largely untapped knowledge of energy and the environment, is the missing component to a range of innovative technological solutions related... Read more

Identity Management 2.0 – The Secret Revolution

Identity Management 2.0 meets the definition of a revolution. Certainly the circumstances driving the development of these 2.0 technologies can be described as revolutionary. The IT world is currently faced with an unprecedented era of governance, risk and compliance; increasingly sophisticated online attacks; and corporate consolidation from merger and acquisition... Read more

US Heaps Pressure on India Over Security Rule

The US Trade Representative will call for changes to India’s telecoms equipment import rules and its demands to access encrypted communications during their next scheduled meeting, after US firms said they were worried by the strict regime in the Asia Pacific country. Also on the table will be plans to... Read more

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