Finding vulnerabilities before they are exploited

In the medical profession prevention is more effective that cure. The same holds true for Security.

We can help organisation to find their vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, help to understand residual risk and reduce potential exposure through audit and assessment of specific customer environment applying industry security standards and methodologies.

The audits are used primarily to target:

  • Risk Management
  • Platform and Environment security Posture
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Security Process Management such as Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

SSI experts will undertake a review of network design, process landscapes, systemic vulnerabilities combined with specific application testing and simulation using appropriate 3rd party products and tools.

Our audit methodology follows a common approach of project initiation, combined workshops and interviews, assessments and final report presentation and formal documentation. The results give enough information to draw security strategies, define tactical solutions and issue statements of compliance where required.